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You may find a few traffic sellers here on Fiverr who truly do care about helping their buyers, but for the most part, I recommend avoiding direct-sale traffic gigs altogether. You’re going to be wasting your money, and getting nothing valuable in return. In most traffic gigs here on Fiverr, the only person who wins is the Seller.

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By making a few changes, your Fiverr orders will go from $5 to $15 and even $50. And if you’re not already on Fiverr, these tips may convince you to start selling. (To learn more about Fiverr, read our previous guide.) How I Made $140 with One Fiverr Gig. I started out by mostly writing bios in the 100-250 word range for $5 each.

As you can tell by our standard WordPress theme, we have a LITTLE budget for things and so we had an idea (or at least Dom did, Heather wanted no part in this) So here is the plan, I’ve withdrawn $50 of the Little Warden marketing budget and we are going to put it all on Fiverr* Here’s what we need; Facebook Ad Copy; Google Adwords Copy

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