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Home design trends come and go (welcome back, wallpaper.) But certain fads. well, let’s just say we’re really, really thankful they’re gone. Source: 6 OMG Home Design Trends We’re Thankful Haven’t Returned [PHOTOS] – Housefax Blog

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Six experts share the design trends they're excited to see take hold in the. We're also opening up the walls from the inside out, moving walls, Photography: Kristen Mayfield Photography. “The trends from the decade of excess have returned, but thankfully we aren't revisiting all of them. Thank you!

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40 Outdated Home Trends That We Hope Never Come Back. market that can easily add a a touch of elegance to a room. 6 of 40. image.. Today, colors are more decisive (like in this London townhouse), and we're thankful.

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