Can I be allowed to pay the arrearage on my Florida mortgage after a foreclosure has started?

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If you are in foreclosure when you file for Chapter 13, bankruptcy’s automatic stay-the order that stops most creditors in their tracks-puts a hold on the foreclosure. If you stay current on your mortgage payments and make up the arrears through your Chapter 13 plan, the lender cannot foreclose. Stripping Off Junior Mortgages

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The new rules were created to keep the mortgage lender and the borrower on the same page about what is to be paid and when. One reason people file chapter 13 bankruptcy is because it allows them to avoid a home foreclosure by (a) curing a mortgage arrearage over time through a bankruptcy plan, and (b) making regular payments going forward.

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As many homeowners know, it can be easy to miss a few payments. You might wonder how many mortgage payments you can miss before foreclosure happens. The answer is that you can miss four payments, or about 120 days, before you’re in danger of being foreclosed upon.

Can I be allowed to pay the arrearage on my mortgage after a foreclosure has started? | Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law | Personal Injury Law | 759 South Federal Highway, Suite 106, Stuart.

Under Florida law, your mortgage holder has five years to foreclose on your home; but one year to bring a deficiency action. States With Long Foreclosure Timelines The average foreclosure in Indiana, Hawaii, Arizona, New Jersey, and Florida takes more time than a foreclosure in other states.

Paid off owner’s mortgage arrears re foreclosure in order to buy house (insurance, loan). Didn’t know if a mortgage lender would be upset about them paying up the mortgage arrears in the first place.. Can my 2nd mortgage lender foreclosure on my house after my bankruptcy has been.