Florida swamps: A living organism – The Apopka Voice

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Lake Apopka is Florida’s most contaminated large lake. On the north shore, 20,000 acres of farmland were carved out of what was once the bottom of Lake Apopka. Farmworkers farmed that land – they call it muck -for decades beginning in the 1940s during World War II until the farms were bought out by the state and shut down in 1998 for the.

Freshwater Marshes. Florida’s freshwater marshes are non-tidal systems dominated by grasses, sedges and other emergent hydrophytes. These wetlands are non-forested and have non-peat soils (unlike bogs and fens). They are periodically or continually flooded. The water chemistry in Florida’s marshes depends on nearby water sources.

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TreeHugger. Tyrone Hayes: I was born and raised in South Carolina; I lived there until I was 18 years old. My interest in amphibians and the environment and in biology has been with me since I was.

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Now, the breeding population of Florida panthers is found only in the southwestern tip of Florida, though it is starting to expand north of the caloosahatchee river. panthers are habitat generalists, which means they use a variety of habitat types, including forests, prairies and swamps.

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Crossing Big Cypress. It’s Florida’s roughest, wettest, weirdest backpacking trip, best tackled with friends. Along this 30 mile stretch of the Florida Trail in the heart of Big Cypress National Preserve, immersing in the swamp is the point of the hike.