Hunt Mortgage Lends a Hand to Florida Multifamily Investors

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Agency Lending and Multifamily Trends: Q&A with Hunt Mortgage’s James Flynn February 13, 2018 Connect Media asked James Flynn, president and chief investment officer of Hunt Mortgage Group, to share some of the key insights about agency lending, investor preferences and predictions for the multifamily sector.

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Moreover, demand for rentals in cities such as Stamford and Danbury is keeping investors interested. That bears out in the numbers. Six of the 10 most expensive commercial real estate deals in.

 · Hunt Real Estate Capital, a division of Hunt Capital Holdings LLC, ("HREC") is a leader in financing, investing and managing multifamily housing and commercial real estate.

Florida’s economic bubble burst in 1926, when money and credit ran out, and banks and investors abruptly stopped trusting the "paper" millionaires. World War II and Post-War Boom. World War II spurred economic development in Florida. Because of its year-round mild climate, the state became a major training center for soldiers, sailors, and.

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