Pompeo Claims Russia, China Behind Defeat of Venezuela Coup – News From Antiwar.com

The media also participated in this plot to overthrow and election after their early attempt to defeat Trump at the ballot box failed. coup attempt. and was reported in Bas News, a Kurdish news website.. Israel has been making it clear to Syria and to Russia that it would not tolerate.

National Security Adviser John Bolton continued to push accusations that Cuba is behind the failed US-backed coup in Venezuela, now claiming that. chief of staff Mick Mulvaney insisted that Russia.

Globally, some believe Venezuela will lead to World War III. These may be the same people who think North Korea or Iran will do the same. Presently, four countries have Maduro’s back: Russia, China, Mexico and Turkey. The U.S. and twenty other countries are behind the people’s choice of Guaidó.

Those behind the coup attempt against the Presiden. Taking out ISIS leader complicates Democrat media. Hunter Biden accused of business ties to Chicom co. Biden raises bogus claim that Trump supporters are. Warren panders to the educrats instead of looking. Lawyer for cowardly whistleblower worked with Bide.

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ZeroHedge News. Authored by James George Jatras via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Well, that didn’t take long! No sooner had Robert Torquemada Mueller wrapped up his obscene

Pompeo Claims Russia, China Behind Defeat of Venezuela Coup – News From Antiwar.com Why the chinese people trust their government and would unite behind it to defeat the US; major: US, Turkey Agree to Keep Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists in Northern Syria. Is the U.S Gearing up to INVADE Venezuela?

Words of strong support for opposition leader juan guaido and threats of sanctions only came after the coup appeared to fall apart. Secretary of State Pompeo appeared on television and said the US hasn’t ruled out military intervention, although they prefer a peaceful transition. National Security Advisor Bolton also threatened action.

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Oh waging a coup Trump! Ohhhh! The arrogance and hyper hypocrisy. Like I said everything NeoCons touch turns into a failure. Russia-the West’s favorite whipping-boy! Always has been for a long time. pompeo claims Russia, China Behind Defeat of Venezuela Coup Claims Maduro was about to leave for exile. ( I said not to buy this claim earlier)