Strip Off: When Bankruptcy and a Second Mortgage Are an Opportunity for Florida Homeowners

This is called "stripping off" a mortgage. Stripping off your second or subsequent mortgage can provide valuable savings that can mean the difference between losing your house to foreclosure or keeping your family in your home. We Can Help You Navigate This process. Let us show you how we can take the fear and uncertainty out of your bankruptcy filing.

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In March, upon discovering that Stern’s firm had fudged an assignment of mortgage in a case before her court, a judge in central Florida’s Pasco County. involving “tens of thousands” of homeowners.

Now you may be able to strip off a second or third mortgage in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To see if you qualify you should consult with an experienced orlando bankruptcy attorney. The new case may help struggling florida homeowners who may not have been able to afford a chapter 13 bankrutpcy.

What is the worst kind of debt. of the second quarter of 2013. That means those owners owe close to, or more than, what the property is worth. That also means they can’t sell those houses without.

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Consumers Can’t Void Second Mortgage In Bankruptcy, SCOTUS Rules. Monday’s unanimous ruling involved two cases in which Florida homeowners sought to cancel their second mortgages – issued by Bank of America – under the argument that when both primary and subsequent loans are underwater, the second is worthless. The homeowners in the cases were.

At issue in a pair of cases is the so-called “strip off” in bankruptcy of a mortgage that is ranked. in the newly granted cases is that Florida home-owners in Melbourne and Tampa each had first and.

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In order to strip off a second mortgage or line of credit the value of the home must be less than the amount that is owed on the first mortgage loan. If the second mortgage or line of credit balance is secured by any value of the home , the strip off cannot be accomplished.

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